The Hotbed.

If you are a follower of my Instagram account you will know that on the run up to Valentines Day I have focused on self love during my Instastories. I thought it was the right time,  as Valentines Day puts many of us under pressure to be little less than perfect. If you are in a long term relationship and or have kids the pressure seems even greater. I honestly believe that any day of the year can be your Valentines Day, so why not use today to consider what makes YOU happy. And I think self love should be high on the list.

I adore the ladies over at The Hotbed Collective, and I have written for them in the past. The Blog and Instagram account that they run is exactly what women need right now. Their mission is to close the gender orgasm gap – not something that is spoken of enough – but something that needs addressing! So with self love in mind I have started the day listening to their very first podcast.

It is the first of eight in the series discussing sex after children, in long term relationships and after long days at work. Who really feels sexy in these situations? It can feel like everyone is on the shagging train and we are left at the station right? Well you’re not alone, it turns out lots of women feel the same way, we just don’t talk about it! The podcast is a healthy mix of relaxed chat between Cherry Healey, Anniki Sommerville and Lisa Williams along with excerpts from their live shows. Its open, funny, informative and engaging. Dr Karen Gurney also joins the team, as the resident sex expert, she brings along the facts…and who doesn’t like a fact?! As well as all of this, there is a little homework task set in each episode too. I’m going to do the first episodes homework and report back in the weeks ahead.

The podcast talks about sex on a very real level. We don’t need to think of discussions on sex as something dark or seedy.  We can talk about vibrators, fantasies, orgasms (or lack of), our fannies, our bodies and our anxieties openly and discover that we are not alone. The podcast is a great way for us to explore EVERYTHING without feeling like the subject of sex is taboo. Its a fantastic listen and I thoroughly recommend it. I’m looking forward to next episode. Good work ladies!



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